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Travel technology


Sunways Travel's Managing Director, Mark Colley, advises on the elite Focus Technology Panel, which is instrumental in shaping much of the industry's business travel technology. Our unrivalled technology is tailored to our clients' requirements to help them plan, save money and safeguard their travellers.


Reduce your travel costs and take control.

Whether you are on the move or in the office, book all your travel requirements on one easy-to-use portal, Wingspan. Arrange your travel within policy, and ensure company compliance, with its customisable filters and approval flows.

Wingspan offers a huge variety of choice from exclusive air fares and carrier combinations, through to preferred hotels, rail, airport parking, transfers, visas and more. Wingspan captures all of your travel data to ensure forensic analysis; reporting of spend and booking behaviour is available when you choose.

The Wingspan app

Mobile Technology

All in one place

The Trip Monitor summarises all Wingspan reservations in one simple timeline, providing travellers with instant access to their itineraries.

Live Air Availability

Browse and book live air content, including Sunways special fares, scheduled airlines and low cost carriers.

Global Hotels & UK Rail

Search and filter hotels by location and price. Full U.K. rail content bookable with tickets arranged on departure.

Drive Corporate Policy

Wingspan's automation will support corporate travel policies and approval flows, insuring travellers are always within policy.


  • Inform - Access pre-travel risk advice to assess the safety of a country.
  • Monitor - Realtime traveller tracking provides pinpoint accuracy on your travellers' location.
  • Alert - Travellers receive incident alerts directly relevant to their destination.
  • Protect - Activate an SOS alert from the mobile app in an emergency.
  • Respond - Instant access to our team of global risk management professionals.

Trip Organisation

Using our complimentary Dashboard software via your own portal, travel bookers can view the status of their travellers' bookings. From here, bookings can be emailed direct to the traveller and placed in both the booker's and traveller's Microsoft Outlook calendar.

The traveller, too, has access to the Dashboard allowing them up-to-the minute details on their forthcoming travel arrangements.


Access your data with ease
  • On demand access to real time travel data - View travel reports anytime, anywhere, keeping track of your travel spend.
  • Forensic reporting capability - Multi level drill down functionality enables detailed report analysis within seconds.
  • Data export facilities - Enhanced CSV export provides the option to select only the most relevant elements of travel expenditure to scrutinise.
  • Data sharing and bespoke report publisher - Data can be shared within your organisation via live links as well as building bespoke reports to present to colleagues.

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